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Maison Russet is named an important small business

Recently, Huntingdon’s Maison Russet was ranked 161st out of 300 most important small and medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Quebec, according to the newspaper Les Affaires. Claudie Bonhomme, the head of culture and organization at Maison Russet, explains that they are very excited to have received this title, and it was Les Affaires who reached out to ask them to apply in the first place.

“Maison Russet is very proud of this nomination, which is the result of the unwavering commitment and many years of hard work of the members of the organization,” Bonhomme says. The company will be celebrating this win along with other successes at its holiday party this year.

Coming up, Maison Russet has a lot of big plans. Bonhomme shares that “We have several projects underway, including automating our production lines, adding a new line for other sweet potato products, starting up an R&D department, and adding a new partnership in Egypt, to name but a few!” This of course comes after the announcement earlier this year that Maison Russet will be receiving 15 million dollars in government funding to further develop its production.

Bonhomme adds that they are very grateful for all who helped contribute to this title, and says, “Maison Russet would like to take a moment to thank all its employees and their families for their contribution to the growth of a new Quebec flagship.”

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