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Maple candies

As told by Nick Huard

If you’re gonna travel the world, maple candies are the best ambassador of Canada.

I was doing the circumpolar meeting of Native languages in Tromsø, Norway.

I had an eagle feather on my microphone.

There was the Mongolian delegation that was there.

We had an interpreter that said, “They’d like to know where you’re from.”

So I pulled out a maple candy and said, “We’re from here.”

Well every day, they’d come with their interpreters and ask, “Do you have another candy?” And the interpreter wanted one too.


Nicks deer hoof walking sticks are decorated with the Mongolian eagle tail feathers that he was gifted from the Mongolian delegation PHOTO Courtesy of Nick Huard


I explained to him why it was an eagle feather and why it was there. I explained to him the whole truth and honesty about what we’re doing.

I received a package in the mail. There were 24 Mongolian eagle tail feathers in the package. They’re big eagles, it’s a big bird compared to North American eagles. There was a note saying, “Can we get more candy?”

Written by: Emma McLaughlin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter
Translation by: Katsenhaién:ton Lazare

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