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Maple, meats, and more – at the General Store

After years of running their Angus beef ranch, the Chenail family has recently opened the Covey Hill General Store at 400 Route 202 in Havelock. This is a place where you can find maple products and specialty meats along with different transformed products as well. The store opened at the end of summer and is welcoming people from across the Valley to try its products.

Man tending to meat on a BBQ/smoker
The meat products offered at the Covey Hill General Store which all come from animals raised on the ranch are unlike what youll find at most grocery stores PHOTO Provided

The ranch was purchased by the
Chenail family in 2017 when they started a herd of Angus cattle and worked towards refining their herd’s genetics. This February, they had their first bull sale. Camille Chenail says, “It was my dad’s dream since he was young to have a farm with animals and cows.” Their farm has become a source of good Angus genetics: “The main goal of the farm,and how we generate the most revenue, is by selling animals. We sell bulls for reproduction …We’re the first link in the chain,” she explains. Their bloodlines make it into new herds and new companies, and eventually the resulting products are distributed to various restaurants.

The family wanted to have a location where it could meet the needs of clients and sell meats all in one place, which led to the opening the store. It sells pork, beef, and chicken, all raised on the ranch. “We try to do something different with each thing that we add,” says Chenail. All their chickens are fed with organic grains; the pork is pasture-raised without GMOs; and their beef is all Angus. They have a smoker to produce smoked chicken, brisket, and smoked meat.

The family also runs a maple farm and sells many maple products. Chenail explains that her sister studied acericulture in school and is very invested in the maple side of the business. The store offers maple cones, taffy, butter, and sugar, but the most unique is the barrelaged bourbon syrup. “We made our first recipe this year. It was pretty good. People have tried it, and it’s selling well.”

Covey Hill town sign
PHOTO Provided

Chenail mentions that they are “trying to encourage buying locally,” and are hoping to create partnerships with other local businesses. So far, they have worked with Makela Cote at Les Thésdu Bonheur. They enjoy bringing in new products, and plan to bring in more once they get their footing running the store.

Moving forward, Chenail explains that they “hope to continue to push the products from the farmand work with our neighbors and the people who are around us. I’d love to share our products. We make good meat; we’re proud of it. We want to share the joy of food.”

The store is currently open from noon to 7 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays, and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.on Saturdays. It may be closed for January and February next year during the bull sales; updates will be posted on the Facebook page.

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