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Marché Artisanal d’Ormstown opens its doors

It was a sunny September day, but if it had been December, I might have imagined myself in Santa’s workshop. People moved in and out of the small store on Lambton street in Ormstown, carrying boxes and crates of different sizes, all filled. Shelves were being stocked, display cabinets and bulk food containers were being built. Marché Artisanal d’Ormstown was getting ready for its big store opening, which happened on Friday, October 1.

Entrepreneurs Lisa Soldevilla from Saint-Hubert and Michelle Falardeau of Mercier are excited. Soldevilla is no newcomer to retail; she is proprietor of Mrs. Meady’s Rive-Sud, a pet store situated in Greenfield Park. Falardeau, a crafter, was introduced to Soldevilla three years ago when her products were being offered at Soldevilla’s store, and the two became friends. Establishing a store “is all new for me,” she laughs.

The procession of boxes continues into the store as vendors set up their wares. Macramé, jewelry, jars of honey, jams, and jellies are carefully set up on rustic wooden shelves. The Market will offer bulk food items, local food products, and seasonal artisanal gifts.


Friends and business partners Michelle Falardeau left and Lisa Soldevilla recently opened their Marché Artisanal dOrmstown PHOTO Yvonne Lewis Langlois


Falardeau was introduced to the idea of opening a store in Ormstown by fellow entrepreneur Mary Sullivan of Serenplicity fame. In late 2020, Sullivan created an artisanal market in the village for the Christmas season. Knowing that Falardeau was interested in opening a similar store, Sullivan suggested that she open it in Ormstown. When a storefront on Lambton Street became available, Falardeau and Soldevilla jumped at the chance.

Marché Artisanal d’Ormstown will remain open all year, not just for the Christmas season. “We are here to stay!” states Soldevilla. The store is a true market that will offer different wares with the changing seasons. Customers can assemble and create their own gift baskets, and deliveries are available.
The pair welcomes new vendors, as well as product suggestions from customers. Marché Artisanal d’Ormstown has a Facebook page for more information, and an Instagram profile.

The Marché opened on Friday, October 1 and continued its opening festivities, including taste testing, through Saturday and Sunday. “There is no turning back!” laughs Falardeau enthusiastically.

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