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More ‘snow days’ ahead in Hemmingford

PHOTO Sarah Rennie

“We are celebrating winter!” exclaimed Nadeana Tannahill, the recreation and cultural development agent for the Village of Hemmingford, on January 20 during the first of a series of three weekend events at the recreation centre honouring the joys of winter. The chilly temperatures outside didn’t keep siblings Juliette, Alek, and Allie, along with their friend Bethany, from playing together outside before warming up bouncing on inflatable games and enjoying other activities indoors. The event included skating and sledding, as well as toasted marshmallows over an outdoor fire pit, and train rides through the park. The Joys of Winter activities will continue over the next two weekends, with fun activities lined up both inside and outdoors. The final event on February 3 will also feature some creepy-crawly critters during a presentation by Pat’s Pet Show. (SR)

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