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MRC du Haut-Saint-Laurent looks to attract more tourists

The MRC du Haut-Saint-Laurent has launched a series of new tools aimed at increasing the number of tourists visiting the region.

While Sébastien Guy, the tourism development officer, is working to ensure the success of the 2023 tourism season, he is simultaneously planning for the 2024 edition while preparing to overhaul the sector’s website. The new tools aimed at increasing the visibility of the region’s many attractions are already making an appearance.

A new logo inspired by the slogan “Visez + Haut-Saint-Laurent” is featured on the latest tourism campaign, which includes a summer advertisement running online and on Radio Canada’s television channels in French. The visual has also been integrated into the tourism information kiosks located in Huntingdon and Ormstown.


The MRC du Haut Saint Laurent has unveiled a new tourism campaign featuring a revamped logo and slogan to promote the regions attractions ILLUSTRATION MRC du Haut Saint Laurent


The promotional campaign aims to position the Haut-Saint-Laurent region as a tourism destination. The initial goal is to create regular campaigns over a minimum three-year period that will focus on distinct themes.

A strategic visual choice

Borrowing from the upper section of the MRC’s existing logo, which illustrates the spectacular sunsets that colour the region, Anick Lacroix, the communications coordinator, wanted to echo the new slogan. The choice of the visual was natural, thanks to the bucolic panoramas that will inevitably charm those discovering the region while creating a link with the MRC’s identity.

For more information on the region’s attractions or the MRC’s tourism campaigns, contact Sébastien Guy at or 450 264-5411, ext. 223. (SR)

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