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Mutual aid association to install radio communications tower in Saint-Anicet

The Association d’Entraide Mutuelle de Feu du Québec Sud-Ouest (Southwest Mutual Aid) intends to erect a 30-metre radio communications tower in Saint-Anicet to resolve a significant communications issue within the network.

In accordance with the protocol established by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), the association – which groups together the region’s fire safety resources – has launched a public consultation process to address any concerns over the planned installation of the structure at 6100 Ridge Road.

A study conducted by the firm Production Électronique recommended the construction of a new communications tower to optimize the association’s network, in order to address performance problems in Saint-Anicet, Godmanchester, and Hinchinbrooke where telecommunication coverage is weak to non-existent. The new tower will link with neighbouring sites in Franklin, Sainte-Barbe, and Hemmingford to provide continuous coverage to front-line fire and rescue workers.

According to the ISED approved public consultation document prepared by the mutual aid association and the municipality of Saint-Anicet, the tower will be a free-standing 30-metre structure located around 47 metres from the road. The site is surrounded by mature trees that will help to conceal the tower, which is to be built next to an existing storage building. The perimeter of the site will be enclosed by a fence to restrict public access.


Google Maps arial view of a piece of land with a building on it and with an illustration showing different points of interest.
The Association dEntraide Mutuelle de Feu du Québec Sud Ouest has launched a public consultation process concerning plans to construct a 30 metre telecommunications tower at 6100 Ridge Road in Saint Anicet The illustration shows the future placement of the tower fence and existing building that will be used for storing equipment ILLUSTRATION LAssociation dEntraide Mutuelle de Feu du Québec Sud Ouest


A resolution passed last December by the Town of Huntingdon in support of the tower lists the total price for the project at $85,520. The mutual aid association requested a financial contribution of $73,212, which was divided between the ten member municipalities in the Haut-Saint-Laurent for a total contribution of $7,321 per municipality.

The tower and its proposed location comply with Health Canada’s Safety Code 6, which regulates exposure limits to radio frequencies. The structure will also be constructed in accordance with Transport Canada’s standards for marking and lighting, likely requiring the installation of two permanent lights at the top of the tower to ensure it is visible to pilots.

The public consultation period regarding this project is now open, and citizens may submit any comments or concerns to the mutual aid association before April 1. All comments will be transferred to the municipality of Saint-Anicet for consideration before a final decision is made by the municipality council. According to the ISED, once a positive decision has been rendered by the municipality, the association will have three years to install the tower.

Written comments can be mailed to L’Association d’Entraide Mutuelle de Feu du Québec Sud-Ouest, 470 chemin de l’Église, Sainte-Barbe, Quebec J0S 1P0. Citizens can also send their comments by email to Joel Trudeau, president of the mutual aid association, at:

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