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OES Students rock the stage

Ashlynn Goodfellow
Ormstown Elementary School

Ormstown Elementary students brought down the house on April 25 with their performance of OES Has Got Talent, which was loosely based on the movies Sing 1 and Sing 2.

With the help of their music teacher, Mr. Travis Irwin (Mr. I), students in Grades 5 and 6 were able to put on an amazing show that included several song and dance routines in full costume.

Students from Grades 3 and 4 were the choir, and they did a great job at always knowing when they needed to be ready to sing. They sang their hearts away and did not make a single mistake. With Ms. Yvonne Langlois, a technician with the school, as the costume organizer, the students all looked as stunning as the animated characters from the movie.

Every year the students of OES perform a play in April. Last year’s play was based on the movie Peter Pan. Mr. I always gives the students the chance to participate in two plays before they graduate.

Irwin said he wanted to do a show that revolved around talent. “I decided to do a show that involved aspects of the ‘got talent’ shows and the animated movie Sing,” he explained. “Our students showed great responsibility and perseverance. They put in many hours of hard work and because of that, they were successful,” he confirmed.


The students of OES performed an amazing show before an ecstatic audience of family and friends PHOTO Yvonne Lewis Langlois


“It was super fun and entertaining,” said a Grade 5 student. “We were nervous at first, but then when we started to sing it wasn’t really that bad,” she added. “The best part was when we all got to sing together for the grand finale.”

Ms. Jessica Mackey, the principal of the hardworking students, said, “There is so much value in the play. The students learn all kinds of skills they would not otherwise take part in,” she explained.

“Each student grows in their level of confidence, and it also opens up some possibilities for their future,” she added.

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