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Open House on Quebec Farms event cancelled for 2021

The Union des Producteurs Agricoles (UPA) has announced that due to the ongoing pandemic, the popular Open House on Quebec Farms event has been cancelled for the second year in a row. The activity, which usually attracts over 100,000 visitors to around 100 farms throughout the province, had been scheduled for September.

In an article published in the agriculture newspaper La Terre de chez nous, UPA director of communications and marketing, Geneviève Vouligny-Schnée, explained that the organization was forced to make an early call due to the logistics and months of preparation that go into the event. She says it was simply too much to ask of producers, given the pandemic and the ongoing uncertainty over sanitary measures that could stretch into September.

The UPA is instead promoting its Eat Local More than Ever! movement as an alternative opportunity for Quebecers to meet agricultural producers this summer. The accompanying application, which connects users with local farmers selling directly from the farm, can be downloaded to phones or tablets.

Families are also invited to discover the Kasscrout game, which was launched last December to help children better understand where their food comes from. The game can be found online at:


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