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Ormstown Veterinary Hospital receives heritage status

The Société de conservation du patrimoine vétérinaire québécois (SCPVQ) has officially recognized the Ormstown Veterinary Hospital (OVH) as a heritage veterinary practice.

The OVH is the first veterinary practice in Quebec to be honoured with this historic status, and members of the conservation society were present in Ormstown on June 6 to present the current team of owners with a commemorative plaque during a brief ceremony at the clinic.

The Ormstown Veterinary Hospital was established in 1952 by Dr. John Whitehead, who first operated his practice from his home. In 1967, he built an office on Gale Street, where he welcomed Dr. Mario Lefort in 1979 and Dr. Brent Hooker in 1980. Together they founded the Ormstown Veterinary Clinic in 1981, and were soon joined by Dr. Howard Struthers, and then Dr. François Lanthier.

Dr. Whitehead practiced in both the small and large animal sectors before his retirement in 1992. The following year, the clinic was renovated, and in 1995, Dr. Kelly Rewbotham joined the practice. In March of 2008, the team moved to a new and expanded installation.

“We are honoured to be the first veterinary establishment in Quebec to receive this award,” says Dr. Jodi Wallace. “We are more than a team at OVH; we are a family. We work towards a common goal of delivering the best medicine and service possible to our clients and patients. This has allowed us to continue the business decade after decade.”


Ormstown Veterinary Hospital is now the first heritage practice in Quebec The team of veterinarians including Dr Jodi Wallace Dr Karine Gagné Dr Judith Léger Dr Jean François Brunelle Dr Bradley Bohemen Dr Vicky Sedgwick and Dr Nancy Paquin were presented with a commemorative plaque by members of the Société de conservation du patrimoine vétérinaire québécois on June 6 PHOTO Sarah Rennie


The visiting members of the SCPVQ also made a presentation during the opening supper at Expo Ormstown, where they recognized the 100th anniversary of the death of veterinarian Dr. Duncan McEachran, who was instrumental to the creation of the Livestock Breeders Association of the District of Beauharnois in 1910 and the first agricultural fair in Ormstown, which took place that same year.

“We wanted to be present with you to honour his memory and to highlight his incredible legacy – not only in this magnificent region, but throughout the country,” said the SCPVQ president, Suzanne Breton.

“Thank you to all the veterinarians who, since the days of Duncan McEachran, continue to take such good care of your animals’ health. Above all, thanks to Dr. McEachran for allowing us, a century after his death, to be together,” she added.

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