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Photo of the week May 15, 2024

Hinchinbrooke photographer Peter Dahms has some adorable young visitors this spring. “Not every year, but in damp springs, a family of foxes with young kits moves into the dry crawlspace under the old granary, on the moraine ridge that our farm buildings are built upon,” he says.

“They arrive when the kits are, by my estimate, about comparable to five-year-old human children, and usually stay about seven weeks, by which time they are nearly the maturity of teenagers, so while they are here, they are as cute and interesting as can be.”

PHOTO Peter Dahms


Dahms says that while the kits are very curious and friendly, and could possibly be tamed with a delicate approach, he does not feel this is appropriate and is careful to keep his distance.

My long-term passion for photography has fortunately, for this situation, equipped me with an DSLR camera and 800-millimeter lens which allows me to surreptitiously capture some sharp images of these joyful little creatures from over a hundred feet away, keeping everyone safe,” he explains.

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