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Powerscourt’s gourmet ‘hidden gem’ is open for summer

For the past few years, the Noir Mouton has been open as a gourmet cantine in Powerscourt where diners can enjoy a meal with a view in beautiful outdoor seating. This year, it opened on June 13, and is ready for another summer season.

Owner Emilie De Pauw says, “We want our guests to feel like they are eating in a friend’s backyard. With our gazebo, candles and lights at night, it is a very comfortable ambiance.” Each year, she tries to introduce a new novelty for guests, and this year that’s her Black Ice, which is a homemade ice cream and sorbet. She also has special treats for dogs and encourages patrons to bring their pets along, as it’s a dog-friendly venue. On the regular menu, anything from pizza to salads, to tapas and more can be found.


PHOTO Stacey Pennington


It’s been exciting for De Pauw to see her business grow. “Every year is exciting for me, because more and more people get to know the Noir Mouton. We get to meet a lot of people from all over Quebec and the U.S.,” she says. It has also been a special experience to work alongside people she cares deeply about: “I have the luck to own a family business, so our kids and good friends get to work with us again this year!”


PHOTO Stacey Pennington


Noir Mouton has been operating for four years, and De Pauw is extremely grateful for the support from the community. Starting a small business can be a daunting task, especially with a little hidden gem. She shares that being “in a secluded area looked like it was going to be a big challenge at first, but with good surroundings, good friends, and support from the community, we made it through.”

Noir Mouton is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Thursday to Sunday. Reservations are preferred, especially with groups of more than six people. De Pauw also reminds folks that larger parties and events can also be organized with advance notice. To make your reservation, the restaurant can be reached at 450-264-9494.

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