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Public consultation for a fourth plan to fight poverty: your opinion counts

Considering the first three government action plans failed to reduce poverty levels, a change is necessary. Until June 30, the Corporation de développement communautaire du Haut-Saint-Laurent (CDC) is encouraging as many citizens as possible to respond to the public consultation to inform the next plan to fight poverty. Our message to the government must be clear: they can build a fourth plan, and this time, they can create one that is in line with the real needs of the most vulnerable that includes measures that will have a significant impact on living conditions.

The Collectif pour un Québec sans pauvreté has put forward five proposals. These include providing sufficient income support so that everyone can cover their basic needs; the creation of universally accessible and high-quality public services; reducing inequalities between the rich and the poor; instituting a minimum wage that will lift people out of poverty; and launching a campaign to fight prejudice against people who are experiencing poverty.

It is imperative that the government takes the necessary time to hear from people experiencing poverty to fully understand their reality. The new plan must be ambitious, and it must aim to lift all Quebecers out of poverty. In short, this new plan must contain measures aimed at reducing inequalities and improving the financial conditions of those who are less well-off.

Your opinion counts, and we are counting on your participation. The The Collectif pour un Québec sans pauvreté is providing citizens with a pre-written letter with a space for including your name and date, which can be returned to the following email address:

It is also possible to respond to the consultation by following this link:
Rémi Pelletier, directeur
CDC du Haut-Saint-Laurent

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