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Quebec places Godmanchester under trusteeship

The Commission municipale du Québec has confirmed the Municipality of Godmanchester was placed under trusteeship as of May 1 following the adoption of a ministerial order.

The order gives the commission the power to control municipal decisions concerning the appointment, the suspension without pay by the council, or the dismissal of any officer or employee of the municipality.

Godmanchester will remain under trusteeship until the commission deems it is no longer necessary to accompany the municipality.

Two representatives of the commission, Alain Roy and Céline Lahaie, have been appointed as trustees.

This decision stems from a report released by the commission’s municipal integrity investigations and prosecutions branch (DEPIM) on March 29, which concluded “a serious case of mismanagement” had occurred within the Godmanchester municipal administration. (SR)

For further reading, we suggest referring to our previous article on the subject:  Municipality of Godmanchester faces accusations of gross mismanagement


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