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Remembrance Day – Lest We Forget – we will not forget our veterans

Armistice or Remembrance Day is by far the most important day of the year for the Royal Canadian Legion. It is, in a sense, the Legion’s moment of truth: a day to stand together, united in respect and silence; our differences, for the moment, forgotten. We, on the eleventh of November, along with other Canadians throughout the land, will pause for a few moments to remember. We remember by wearing the blood-red poppy of Flanders: the perpetuated symbol of remembrance.

Remembrance is not only to remember those who died. Many may remember the war years in their own way. Wives may remember the long wait for their husbands. Parents remember their sons and daughters who were so young when they went off – some never to return. Some may remember and think about fathers who left, such a long time ago.

Remembrance should make each and every one of us think of the past, the present, and, more importantly, the future. Think of all the gallant men and women who gave their lives, and those who served their country well. They served, so we can all live in peace and harmony. On November 11, if you can’t think of war, think of peace – and wear a poppy proudly to perpetuate the memory of those who sacrificed their lives in faraway lands such as France, Italy, Holland, Hong Kong, Korea, and Afghanistan. Far from home, yet amongst their own, they sleep in friendly company and among strangers – but all are honoured sons and daughters of our great family – Canada.

Freedom is the sure possession of those who have the courage to defend it at all costs. May their sacrifices bring peace forever to this world.

Raymond Stonehouse
Life member, Royal Canadian Legion branch 81, Huntingdon

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