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Seasonal resto La Cuisine Privée opens for fall run

Autumn is harvest time when so many fresh Valley products are available to create wonderful meals, and area restaurants, using Quebec-grown foods, can create further enthusiasm for Valley-grown ingredients. One such restaurant, La Cuisine Privée, is open for the fall season this year, and is focused on showcasing local products in a beautiful setting.

La Cuisine Privée operates out of the Brix 66 sugar shack building in Hinchinbrooke. Brix 66 has been serving an elevated version of the traditional sugaring-off meal since 2014, highlighting local products and presenting classic sugar shack flavours as gourmet, family-style dining. Chef Jordan James has been at the helm of Brix 66 for the past five years. Since the building is only used for maple season, this year he and his wife decided to use it to host an autumn restaurant called La Cuisine Privée. This October marks the opening of their first season.

This is a unique concept, to have one seasonal restaurant operating out of another one. Chef Jordan explains that at this restaurant you can expect “to get rustic meals with lots of local ingredients.” Of the importance of using local products in our region, he says, “We all have to stick together out here and encourage local.”

A resident of Hemmingford, he knows the quality of products the Valley has to offer and knows how to use them. “We’re in a region that has so much to offer this time of year. You can see it all around. We’re in an agricultural area. It only makes sense.” He describes the food as having “a different style of richness.” The menu features dishes like savoury mushroom cheesecake, stuffed acorn squash, and much more.


Chef Jordan James in the kitchen at La Cuisine Privée. PHOTO Norma Tolhurst


La Cuisine Privée offers a unique culinary experience for its guests, not only in the ingredients used for the menu, but also, “The setting alone is beautiful. The building is a gorgeous place and it’s out in the middle of the woods.” There is an inviting ambiance, and the way the food is served also sets the mood. “We often do family-style dinners where the food is shared. It creates a good feeling around the table.”

The building hasn’t been open to the public since March of 2020, when it was shut down due to COVID-19. “When COVID hit we were three weeks into our season, two years ago. And then last year we decided not to open at all because it was too much of a headache, really.” In 2021, Brix 66 sold specialty maple goodies, but was unable to serve takeout meals.

At the conclusion of this autumn season, they are hoping to be able to host some small events or weddings throughout the winter. In the spring, La Cuisine Privée will open once again for maple season.

La Cuisine Privée will be open for dine-in only as of October 1 and will be open for six weeks. On Fridays and Saturdays, it’s open for a dinner service from 5 to 11 p.m. On Sundays, it’s open for brunch from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Reservations are mandatory and can be made through the website (

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