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Sharing Our Stories: It’s all in your language

Story told by: Tekarontake
Written by: Simona Rosenfield

Translation by: Sahawisó:ko’ Arquette

If you hear things in our language, and you wonder, “Why do we say this?”

The language teaches you. It’s got your history. It tells your present day, and will tell you tomorrow. Now, my grandma told me that when I was very young.

She’d say, “Anything you wanna know about yesterday, today, and tomorrow, it’s all in your language.”

At that time I didn’t really know, but as I got older and started experiencing different things, all of a sudden I said, “Holy moly!”


As told by Tekarontake PHOTO Simona Rosenfield


 No wonder we didn’t have a written language. The oral tradition was more accurate than the written language, because the oral tradition, you can’t misinterpret. Written language, it’s all according to the one who’s reading it, how they interpret it. You see?

Say your Indigenous language – people have to go back and understand the true meanings of the words, not what they were told it is.


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