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Sharing Our Stories: The wagon

Story told by: Kateri Deer
Written by: Aaron McComber, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter
Translated by: Sahawisó:ko’ Arquette

I remember my grandma had a friend she would call “the lady who played good music.” She lived across the Cornwall Bridge and we used to bring butter, cream, milk and things like that to trade with her.

Kateri Deer left and her older sister Norma Bova Canoe right pose with their grandmother Betsy Foot Bova Taken in the 1940s on Cornwall Island PHOTO Courtesy of Kateri Deer


I was a little bit chubby when I was a kid so my grandma told my father, “You’re going to have to make a wagon for this kid because halfway coming back she gets sleepy.”

She said she couldn’t carry me because I was a little bit too heavy, especially with all the stuff she was already carrying.

The next time we were going over the bridge, my father came out with a little wagon.


Kateri Deer stands with her maternal family in Cornwall Island Her grandmother is on the far right and Kateri is directly in front of her PHOTO Courtesy of Kateri Deer


I guess it worked the way she wanted because the next thing I know I’m waking up and my father said, “You were sleeping and I took you all the way and you didn’t even notice.”

When you’re a kid you just kind of sleep through it all.

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