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Spartan Talk February 21, 2024

On Saturday, February 3, the Lady Spartan volleyball teams participated in a tournament at the Polybel High School in Beloeil. CVR 1, one of the juvenile girls teams coached by Ms Allison Caza, was very successful at the tournament. They won two out of three of their games and Ms. Caza noted that there were many outstanding performances. Kali Aikin and Alyssa Roy produced many impressive serves and Alyssa Roy made some spectacular dives. Ms. Caza also observed that all the girls on the team have improved very much, and they all demonstrated incredible teamwork and dedication.

At the end of January, the Grade Seven leadership class organized two bake sales to sponsor a child through I Am Heshima. They raised over $204. They had wanted to do more fundraisers to raise $400; however, with the strike days, they didn’t have enough time. The rest of the money will be fundraised by I Am Heshima and the students are very happy to have been able to help the child.

Ms. Harper, the CVR music and performing arts teacher, organizes many trips every school year, with the goal of teaching the students about culture, human experiences, and history. Whether it’s within our province or across the ocean, Ms. Harper says that travel is an amazing teacher and gives students a chance to learn to take responsibility, as well as being a wonderful opportunity for personal growth. She loves seeing the wonder in their eyes as they experience new things and make lasting memories.

To pay for the gratuities, each trip requires many fundraisers; however, these also serve as group-building events for the students going on the trips. For this year’s Europe trip to Greece and Italy, the students have organized many fundraisers, the most successful being a Halloween candy giveaway at Quinn Farms and an open mic night.

Next year’s senior trip to Egypt is already filling up, as well as the New York trip in June, which is offered to all students at CVR. Ms. Harper loves being able to offer these wonderful experiences and is glad to see the students taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the Travel Club.

On the evening of February 14, three CVR basketball teams had games at Centennial Regional High School and the juvenile boys had an outstanding game. Their coaches said that it was a real team effort and there was amazing teamwork, with players making rapid decisions on offense and many solid passes. The leading scorers were Cameron Woods with 25 points, Jacob Bryson with 15, and Aiden Reddick with 14. Colby Renaud shone defensively and chipped in 6 points. Ms. Olivia Barr said that “Cameron Woods and Jacob Bryson sparked great energy with a few highlight dunks!”

On February 16 at 7 p.m., CVR hosted a poetry evening in the library. The main goal of the evening was to create a space dedicated to the art of the performance of poetry, and to give students a chance to show their creative side to their families, friends, and supporters. Ms. Bussey, one of the main coordinators for this evening, said there were over 20 students from grades 7 to 10 reciting an original poem or one of their favorites. This was CVR’s second poetry night; the first one took place last spring. Ms. Hardy and Ms. Bussey said they were truly blown away by the quality of spoken word being written and performed by Grade 8 and 9 students. These English language arts teachers were inspired by the students’ creativity and are happy to dedicate an evening to the young artists and the power of their work.

Sierra Bown, a grade 10 student, has been the driving force behind the event. Within the first month of this school year, she was asking Ms. Hardy and Ms. Bussey when they could organize the next poetry night, and she has been a key part of the process ever since. She not only performed on Friday but emceed as well. Ms. Bussey said she believes that the students are truly amazing at encouraging and supporting each other, adding, “The energy of the evening is one of collective inspiration and pride.”

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