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Spartan Talk: January 24, 2024

On the afternoon of December 19th, CVR’s leadership group organized a cookie walk. Tables were set up in the lobby and many platters of cookies were put out. Students could buy a small bag for $2 or a large bag for $5. All proceeds went to the local food bank, La Bouffe Additionnelle, and by the end of the lunch hour they raised over $500.

On that evening, the Winter Gala took place at CVR and was organized by the school’s performing arts department. The end of year show, Little Shop of Horrors, was showcased at the gala as well as some songs, dances, and scenes from Hamilton. The tickets cost $10, and all proceeds went to the CVR performing arts department.

The following day, December 20th, Billings organized an exhibition basketball tournament with the senior girls’ and senior boys’ teams from both NFSB high schools. Many people came to watch and cheer the teams on, and there were games and prizes as well as performances from the Billings cheerleaders. After two very intense games, CVR’s senior girls won and the senior boys lost; however, both games were very close.

On January 18th, the grade 7 leadership class organized a bake sale to support I Am Heshima, a nonprofit organization founded by Lexis Beattie. This organization’s goal is to help children in Kenya get the education that they deserve but have been denied for their entire lives. 600 children in Kenya are being supported through this program and people can choose to either donate to the cause in a whole, or sponsor one specific child. One of the children’s sponsors went on maternity leave and could no longer financially support them, so that’s when the grade 7 leadership class stepped up. The leadership teacher, Kim Guerin, thought it would be a great idea to help, since Lexis is very involved in the community and Ms. Guerin has done work with Lexis before. There are 27 students in this grade 7 option class, and half of them came together to work on this project.

There were some challenges along the way; however, Ms. Guerin noted how inspiring it was to see the project come together. She also noted how the kids seemed more enthusiastic to be sponsoring one specific person, and to see how they could help with that child’s journey. The group worked together to make this project work, dividing the jobs of bakers and sellers between them, aiming to raise $400. They also are hoping to video chat with the child and get to know the person that they are helping.

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