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Spot a turtle on the road? Here’s how you can help

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June is the time of year when turtles lay their eggs. Turtles can travel over several kilometres to find an ideal nesting site; and, in some cases, this can mean crossing roads. The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is encouraging drivers to be vigilant, as turtles sometimes lay their eggs on roadsides, especially near wetlands. While their shells offer effective protection against predators, they’re no match for a vehicle. If you see a turtle on the road, help it to cross in the direction it was going. Turtles that can hide their heads in their shells can be lifted gently using both hands. Snapping turtles must be carried differently as they can bite. Use the shell on each side of the tail to lift the turtle’s back end and walk it across the road, wheelbarrow-style. If the turtle is injured, contact the Éco-Nature rehabilitation centre immediately at (SR)

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