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Sprouting a food forest at École Arthur-Pigeon

Students at École Arthur-Pigeon will be involved in planting a new forest at their school come fall. The school has been selected as the winner of a regional contest to establish a food forest on the campus.

Earlier this year, two organizations – Jeunes engages pour le développement durable (JEDD) and QUiNTUS, a responsible communications agency, in partnership with Arbre-Évolution – launched the “l’Écocitoyenneté, J’en Mange” contest to create a food forest on the grounds of a high school in the Montérégie. Participating schools had until April 14 to enter the contest by describing their motivation to start a food forest, and the potential benefits this would have for the school and its extended community. The winners were announced on June 5, World Environment Day.

A food forest, or a forest garden, involves planting a diverse array of edible plants including fruits, nuts, herbs, and vegetables, to mimic layered ecosystems and patterns found in nature, from trees to shrubs, ground cover plants, vines, and roots.

The students, staff, and community surrounding the school will construct the food forest together starting in September 2023. The prize, valued at $25,000 spread over three years, includes the creation of the food forest as well as eco-educational support for the school: expenses related to consultation, the implementation of the project, and training and follow-up expenses once the project is completed. (SR)

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