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Strike may delay milk deliveries for some Christmas baskets

The Producteurs de lait de la Montérégie is committed to donating at least 7,024 litres of milk, valued at $14,200, to 21 community organizations and food banks throughout the region this holiday season.

The organization, which represents 820 Montérégie-based dairy producers, says some milk deliveries have been delayed due, in part, to a strike at the Saint-Laurent Agropur milk plant that has disrupted supply chains in recent days. Despite this, the organization is guaranteeing that the volume of milk originally intended for the baskets will be delivered over the coming weeks.

In the Montérégie-Ouest, at least ten food banks and food pantries will receive 2,160 litres of milk, valued at $4,687. This is in addition to $15,000 worth of milk and dairy products that are donated each year to local schools, sports associations, and community groups that organize activities for children and their families.

“The holiday season is the perfect time to become more involved in our community. In 2023, we are pleased to contribute to the work of ten food banks that are helping those facing food insecurity,” said Peter Strebel, the president of the Producteurs de lait de Montérégie-Ouest.

“Our goal is to bring a little comfort to families who need it most,” he added, on behalf of the 350 dairy farms and family businesses in the Haut-Saint-Laurent, Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Beauharnois-Salaberry, Roussillon, Jardins-de-Napierville, and Haut-Richelieu regions. (SR)

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