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The Chateauguay Valley is rich – rich in fertile farmland and rich in services and activities in our communities

All of the associations and organizations who serve our Valley are based on a bank of volunteers. Be it a medical transport, taking seniors to do their errands, coaching a local hockey or soccer team, sitting on the board of a non-profit organization, taking a group of Girl Guides for a week-end camp, checking out books at your child’s school or at your municipal library – all of these wonderful, many essential, services are possible because someone is giving their time to make it happen.

If you ask one of these volunteers why they do what they do, chances are that their reply will be more about what volunteering does for them than what giving of their time is doing for their community. It is a social network of its own and they have made new friends; it gets them out of the house and feeling useful; they are often learning new skills; and they get a sense of fulfillment from helping others and contributing to our society.

National Volunteer Week is approaching, during the week of April 16-22. This is a wonderful opportunity to thank those who are contributing so much, as well as to consider our own involvement in building our neighbourhoods. I invite you to step forward and offer a couple of hours per month to a local cause. You may be surprised at how it enriches your life, all while benefiting your community.
Lynn McWhinnie

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