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The Friperie is an essential service

As a customer and donor of quality used clothing and reusable household appliances at the Friperie Communautaire Huntingdon, I believe that the organization provides an indispensable public service to all the residents of Huntingdon and nearby municipalities, and most particularly to young families.

Furthermore, the recuperation and reuse of those items means that they do not find their way to landfills, saving many thousands of dollars for the town and the other municipalities while helping the environment. The Friperie also provides eight permanent jobs to residents, and offers numerous programs throughout the year providing both on-the-job and social experience to many others.

There is a petition circulating to Save our Friperie, asking the Town to, at the very least, give an additional three-month delay so the Friperie can find an appropriate solution in Huntingdon, where most public services in the MRC are to be found.
Marianne Roy,

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