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The Gleaner Archives February 21, 2024

150 years ago

February 26, 1874

SPECIAL NOTICE: All persons indebted to the undersigned are notified that they must settle up forthwith. All kinds of grain will be taken in payment. BEST FLOUR Having received a supply of Upper Canada Wheat I have now for sale first-rate Flour. Cash paid for all kinds of grain. A. Henderson.

DEWITTVILLE: The Carding and Fulling-mill is in full working order. This winter, as usual, work will be done on Shortest Notice. D.C. McDonell.

125 years ago

February 23, 1899

SAINTE-MARTINE: The brass band, which existed some 25 years ago in this village, has been reorganized by the rev. brothers teaching in our village. It is to be hoped that the enterprise will not again prove a failure, as it did some 15 years ago, as it did when it was tried by a school teacher, who left to study medicine.

LAGUERRE: Word has been received that D.W. Campbell, who went to Klondike last winter, has been sick with typhoid fever since October, and before completely recovering had an attack of scurvy. He is now getting better.

100 years ago

February 28, 1924

RECORD STORMS STOP TRAVEL ON ROADS AND RAIL: Mail Carriers Were Unable To Get Through For Several Days/ C.N. TRAINS BLOCKED/ N.Y.C. Train In Minor Collision At Westmount.

SCANTY DRESS IS REBUKED BY MGR. ROULEAU: Bishop Deals With Women’s Dress And Dancing In Letter/URGES OBEDIENCE/Refers To Present Day Evils Growing Out Of War… The Bishop [of Valleyfield] asks whether the persons who attend the lascivious dances – old and modern – are really Christians. Mgr. Rouleau in conclusion forbids women to appear in the Church, or at other religious assemblies, unless gowned in robes sufficiently long and sufficiently high, with arms covered and heads covered.

75 years ago

February 23, 1949

HUNTINGDON: Rare Birds Visit Huntingdon This Winter. Miss F. Walker, of Chateauguay Street West, informed the Gleaner that all this winter she has been feeding a robin and it stays right near the front porch of her house. This is unusual, but the most unusual part is the visit of about one dozen birds known as “Evening Grosbeak” and these birds call at the Walker home regularly to be fed. They are hardly ever found in these parts.


50 years ago

February 27, 1974

PARENTATHON AT C.V.R.: Parents of CVR students had better get in training, because on the evening of March 6, they will be rushing around the school trying to adhere to their son’s or daughter’s timetable in an effort to understand what goes on in Ormstown’s big building on the hill. This simulation of a day’s activities condensed into about two hours will give visitors a chance at least to see the physical set-up and get a fleeting glimpse of all the teachers (usually at least eight) involved in the individual child’s curriculum.

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