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The inspiring history of the Ormstown Saracens Rugby Club

Wolfgang Bider
Ormstown Elementary School

The Ormstown Saracens Rugby Club has been around for over 50 years now. My grandfather, David Hardy, and his friend Rod Beattie both founded the club. They both lived in the area but always had to go into Montreal to train and play. They decided to try to start a team in the area i n 1972.

The two friends started the process and the Saracens have been playing ever since. Red was chosen for the shirts since Beattie (who was Scottish) had played for a club called Langholm in the United Kingdom and their shirt was red. The name Saracens was chosen because my grandfather had played for a club by that name in London, England. The design of the team logo has just recently been changed to honour the two founders. There is now a thistle for Beattie and a rose for Hardy.

“Players we attracted were senior students at CVR who had played for me in Montreal, and local adults who lived in Huntingdon, Ormstown, Howick, and Valleyfield,” said Hardy. Many had never played before they started the club.


Ormstown Elementary School student and Saracens rugby player Wolfie Bider goes in for a tackle during one of last seasons games PHOTO Marc Bider


The club started training at Chateauguay Valley Regional High School and still trains there today. The first season they played exhibition games before joining the Quebec Rugby Union where they were promoted to the Premier Division of the Quebec Rugby League.

Several players over the years have been good enough to not only represent Quebec in national championships but also represent Canada internationally at both the senior and junior levels.

Today, the Ormstown Saracens Rugby Club has a men’s team and a women’s team as well as a thriving mini program with players from under seven to under 16. I have been playing for the Saracens now for three years. I love how fun a sport it is, and how many people play. The summer season started in May, and I am looking forward to having a great season.

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