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The NFSB wants your thoughts

The New Frontiers School Board (NFSB) is undergoing a strategic planning exercise to produce a new version of its five-year Commitment to Success Plan. As part of this process, the NFSB is consulting on the mission, vision, and values it holds as a school board and as part of the educational system.

“It is so important that we get different perspectives, different ideas, and different thoughts,” says NFSB director general Rob Buttars, who admits the board has never consulted on its vision, which states that the NFSB is “committed to success for all students.” To do this now, the NFSB has turned to an innovative online tool called ThoughtExchange.

Members of the school community may contribute a thought regarding what values they feel should be reflected in the NFSB’s Commitment to Success Plan. Participants may then rate other submitted thoughts, and the most popular contributions rise to the top. The results are visible in real time and will give the NFSB immediate answers. “It is an excellent way to get to more people and to develop people’s thoughts,” says Buttars, who suggests it is also a transparent approach.

Over 140 participants have already contributed their thoughts, with keywords such as “help,” “safe,” “respect,” “bullying,” and “kindness” included in some of the most popular comments.

The Exchange can be accessed online at It will remain open until March 3.

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