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There is even more fun to be had at the Little Green Library

Families can now take out more than just books from the Little Green Library.

With the December 9 launch of the new Biblio-Jeux program at the Huntingdon-based public library, members from six area municipalities may now access a broad selection of educational and stimulating board games to enjoy as a family at home.

Around 20 people, including members of the board of directors, library members, and representatives from local youth-oriented non-profit organizations, took part in the event to inaugurate the newly stocked shelves teeming with board games and activities.

The Biblio-Jeux program, which uses play to stimulate language and literacy for children aged six months to 12 years, is the result of a partnership between Une Affaire de Famille, the MRC du Haut-Saint-Laurent, the Réseau 0-5 du Haut-Saint-Laurent, and Prendre Soin des Parents. The citizens of Huntingdon, Hinchinbrooke, Godmanchester, Elgin, Franklin, and Dundee will be able to borrow the games free of charge, while residents of other Haut-Saint-Laurent municipalities may register for the program at the library for $23, which includes a family membership card.

The program was developed by the speech therapy department at the Université du Québec in Trois Rivières. The library was able to choose from a list of games that had been specifically selected by speech therapists. Each game provides parents with information on language and literacy development, language-stimulation strategies to use while playing the game, and suggestions for books and activities that can be used at home.


The president of Une Affaire de Famille Sabrina Gaziglia and language stimulation specialist Catherine Villeneuve joined Mélissa Pinsonneault Craig and Jeannot Théoret of the Little Green Library for the launch of the new Biblio Jeux program at the Huntingdon based library PHOTO Sarah Rennie


The program cost around $6,500 to establish. Une Affaire de Famille received funding to purchase the games and to cover additional expenses including reinforcing the game boxes, printing the informative pamphlets and instructions that accompany each game, and membership fees associated with the program.

“It is an additional service for families that we are adding,” says library president Catherine Turgeon, who notes the program was spearheaded by volunteer Mélissa Pinsonneault-Craig, who spent countless hours preparing the games.

Une Affaire de Famille president Sabrina Gaziglia says the organization was especially interested in working with the Little Green Library on this project. “It is accessible to all and is not restricted to the residents of any one municipality,” she explained. The non-profit intends to run workshops at the library involving the new games and plans on inviting a speech therapist to participate in some of these activities.

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