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The month of December always goes by too fast. There is so much to do it can be overwhelming just thinking about the holidays and the dizzying rush of decorating, shopping, wrapping, baking, and let’s not forget the return of office parties and all those elves needing to be put back on the shelves each night.

It’s a lot of pressure. This year, however, there is reason to take a step back. Inflation has meant everything seems to cost more, including the gas so many of us use to drive outside our Valley to big box stores in larger nearby cities. It is true that you can’t necessarily find everything you need locally, especially when wishes to Santa dictate what is to be found under the tree. But there is so much value in ensuring we at least make a special effort this year to look closer at our local businesses, stores, and boutiques. Locally sourced gifts can be more meaningful, especially when they are purchased from someone you know. The value of a dollar spent locally also goes much further in our community.

This year it is also important to remember that despite many uncertainties, including inflation, supply chain issues, numerous respiratory illnesses, and hospital overcrowding, most of us are safe and relatively well-off. There are those living among us who are celebrating this holiday season without their loved ones, whether they are separated by war or some other unfortunate circumstance. This holiday season is an opportunity for us to come together and remember how lucky we are to live in such a strong and tightly knit community. Once the presents have been opened and the holidays have passed, we will still have our Valley community to warm us through the winter.   Sarah Rennie

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