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This fall will be anything but ‘back to normal’

It wasn’t that long ago that our politicians were all suggesting that by fall we would be well on our way to enjoying our pre-COVID-19 lives. This was back when the word “delta” referred to the Greek letter, or a beautiful landform, or a wetland created when a river empties into another body of water. With the delta variant now surging in Quebec, it can be hard sometimes to think of anything else. At least the return to school and a snap federal election will guarantee there is no shortage of distraction, though the variant will no doubt play an important role in the outcome of the campaign and our in children’s experience at school.

It suffices to say that we are still a long way away from the ordinary lives we are craving. And, with COVID cases rising dramatically faster than at this time last year, it might be time to start questioning the logic behind insisting on a return to normal so soon.

The vast majority of those testing positive during this fourth wave are those who have so far resisted being vaccinated. As a parent, I find this swell very concerning. Let’s hope our school administrators continue to take the pandemic as seriously as they did when students returned last year, and perhaps even more so at the elementary school level. With the return to school, our children will make up a sizeable population that is vulnerable to COVID-19 outbreaks. It is essential that those who are in contact with school-age children take this to heart, and roll up their sleeves – if they haven’t already.

Sarah Rennie

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