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This year’s Défi FRAS run/walk breaks records

The 15th annual Défi FRAS, organized by the Fondation des Ressources Alternatives du Sud-Ouest (FRAS), took place on June 3 at the Parc régional des Îles-de-Saint-Timothée and it had a record turnout. This event is a run/walk with the goal of raising money for the foundation which supports people with autism and intellectual disabilities. This year, there were 831 participants and 48 volunteers, and together they raised $79,890.50.

The renowned Canadian skier, Jean-Luc Brassard, was featured as spokesperson. He actively participated in the event, presented medals, and shared some kind words about the organizers and volunteers. He spoke about the importance of events like this and encouraged people to get the word out there to break the records yet again next year.

The weather cooperated, and participants showed up for a beautiful day. There was also access to the beach and inflatable games to help guests enjoy themselves outside throughout the day.

The Défi FRAS is possible because of the amount of hard work that people put into it. Both the participants and the sponsors make it happen, and as FRAS expands, organizers are grateful for all of the support they have been receiving.

This year there were 14 company teams that registered to be a part of the Corporate Challenge: Desjardins, A30, Groupe SGM Inc., Idéal Fût et Gaz, CEZinc – une société Glencore, Équipe Luc Gagné courtiers immobiliers, Maison Russet, MDTP atelier d’architecture, Loiselle Inc. (two teams), Construction JP Roy Inc. (two teams), Valtech Fabrication Inc., et Vivre and Grandir Autrement.


The 15th edition of the Défi FRAS runwalk took place on June 1 at the Parc régional des Îles de Saint Timothée PHOTO Fondation des Ressources Alternatives du Sud Ouest


The event takes the form of a relay race featuring five members of a company paired with a person living with autism or intellectual disabilities. This promotes the inclusion of FRAS clientele, which is the main goal of the foundation.

Claudie Bonhomme, the head of culture and organization at Maison Russet Huntingdon, shares that it was the first time Maison Russet participated and says, “… We focus on initiatives that reflect our commitment to promoting equity, diversity and inclusion. We are delighted to contribute to this collective dynamic, which aims to strengthen community ties.”

Organizers are pleased with how the event went and are already planning for the next one. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the foundation, and there are more exciting events set to take place. More information can be found at the website,

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