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Village Church of the Nazarene celebrates its 75th birthday in Ormstown

On June 14, the Village Church of the Nazarene kicked off a three-day celebration of its 75th anniversary. Pastor Randy Barrington presided over all. On Friday night, members of the congregation filed into the church for an “Old Time Hymn Sing with a Twist.” Parishioners called out for a hymn to be sung, shared memories of past times, and reminisced about whose favourites those hymns were.

On Saturday night the church celebrated with “Franklin Follies.” A crowd of close to 60 shared memories of past missions, church celebrations, and stories of fellow parishioners past and present. Video messages from parishioners living in different countries recalled childhood memories of the church when it was situated in Franklin Centre.


The congregation assembled on the steps of the Village Church in Ormstown PHOTO Courtesy of The Village Church of the Nazarene


The celebrations continued Sunday with a visit from Rev. Les McAusland of Vancouver. “Pastor Les” had led the church in the 1990s. Present pastor Barrington joined him to serve communion to those assembled. After the benediction, a “flash mob” broke out: one lone voice sang The Blessing and was joined in sequence with more voices, until the entire congregation was singing together. Over food and drinks the congregation shared more memories as they pored over a timeline of photographs and watched a video montage of past years. This celebration involved lots of hugging, lots of good memories, and of course, lots of cake.

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