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We just have to keep our eyes on the road

The news over the last few weeks has brought forth a series of situations and emotions. First in line, we have reports of hospitals nearing the brink, and reminders that the government, though it is still reporting daily case counts, has removed its finger from the pulse of the pandemic.

By this time, most of us know someone who has come down with the virus. Symptoms vary from surprisingly mild to debilitating. With students back in school, parents are now somewhat resigned to the possibility or eventuality of catching the virus; many are simply choosing to prioritize the mental health of their children, who need a return to normal. It helps that the stigma that once surrounded a positive test result has all but disappeared, but there is now a sense of inevitability about catching Omicron.

It has been a bumpy ride. However, on so many levels, it feels as though we have entered a new phase in the pandemic, where frustration is overriding anxiety. We watched as the “freedom convoy” of truckers travelled to Ottawa, gathering followers along the route in protest of the vaccination requirements imposed on truck drivers. Restaurant and bar owners across the province have begun to consider reopening despite public health measures that have closed dining rooms. We are all getting tired of freezing outside while meeting briefly with family and friends, though the masks do help to cut the bitter cold… a bit.

The government is suggesting the Omicron wave is now cresting, just as our patience level seems to have peaked. Let’s hope the projections are correct, and measures will soon be somewhat relaxed. We still need to be cautious, but there are sure signs of hope on the road ahead.
Sarah Rennie

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