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Weather for the First Week of March, 2019

According to our weatherman Peter Finlayson at his location in Ormstown, the average temperature so far this month is (minus) -7.9° C, nowhere near the much warmer -1.4° average for March and more in line with this February’s average of -7.6°. However with warming temperatures this week that may change quickly. The only precipitation to fall happened Sunday morning March 10th (Peter ends the weekly report Sunday morning). We received 3mm of freezing rain and 2 cm of snow adding up to 5 mm of precipitation. At least we had a lovely sunny 1st week of March despite some rather cold winds. Lake Champlain has frozen over completely this year which it hasn’t done since 2015. Our own Chateauguay River still has a few small open spots so be careful if you decide to venture out on it. Finally, Peter saw his first groundhog of the spring, so yes, Spring IS on its way!

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