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What is keeping you from exercising?

I believe we need to start planning our exercise sessions to live happier and fitter lives. Exercise is essential; just like oxygen, it is vital. Moving helps us to feel energized when we are tired. By becoming more active, we feel joy thanks to the hormones secreted in our bodies. When the heart pumps blood faster through the body, all our cells benefit. Circulation, digestion, elimination – all systems work better. The less we move, the less we feel like moving, and the reverse is also true.

The more we take charge of the choice to engage in physical activity, the more we feel the need to be active. The first step is to decide whether now is the right time to try something new and different: to live a healthier lifestyle or not?

Because exercise is so important to good health, it’s important to organize your schedule to make quality time for yourself. The idea is to schedule a regular appointment as a gift to yourself.

150 minutes a week is a goal, but every minute of exercise brings benefits. The mission at Cardio-Actifs is to encourage physical exercise and healthy lifestyle habits. With access to a room in the middle of our community, it’s possible to move, walk, run, cycle, stretch, lift weights, row, laugh and socialize.

Our life expectancy is increasing, but what about our quality of life? Muscles we don’t use will atrophy. Aches and pains will appear. A sedentary lifestyle brings its own set of problems, with increased risks of diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, and depression.

So, the choice is yours: a big reward for a small effort, or do nothing and experience the consequences? What if you were to discover the pleasure of moving? What are you waiting for?
Marie-Andrée Nadeau
Cardio-Actifs du Haut-Saint-Laurent

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