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What makes you proud?

“I am most proud of what the Pride Club has done for the school, and the small things I have done to help, like answer questions about the LGBTQ+ community or brought awareness to issues all over the world. I want people to be aware of everything that is going on, so that things can get better for the generations to come.” 

Anonymous CVR Student

“I am proud of the unabashed queer love that I feel despite the
hate and ignorance that is thrown at the LGBTQ community. I am proud of the resilience shown by the queer community, simply by being who we are despite constant threats to our safety and well-being. Love always wins, and that is what makes me proud!” 

Mathieu Brault

“What makes me proud to be a queer person from the Valley is that I am surrounded by community. I always know that I have a home to go to; whether that be a physical location, like the Valley, or a metaphorical one, like the people of the LGBTQ+ community.” 

Zoë Langille

“I’ve started working as a horticulturist because I just got my diploma. And so, at my job, it’s the first time I’m ‘passing’ without having to come out. They don’t know I’m trans, they think I’m a cis dude. Which, first of all, is great for gender euphoria. And today I fixed the tractor, and everyone was watching me. I was just the man fixing the tractor, that was just great queer joy for me.” 


“Seeing my students come to me with excitement and joy and their own pride about things that they’ve seen, and lessons that we’ve discussed in class that resonate with them outside in the world. We celebrated pride at my school, and we had temporary tattoos, we put posters up all over the school, and kids are so happy to celebrate the differences of others… Seeing my rugby team on the first day, when people are meeting one another [and] asking people’s pronouns – just small things that people do, that I know make a world of difference.”
Jennifer Rosenbaum

“Being part of the LGBTQ+ community is something I’m very proud of. I’m starting to really appreciate and learn about our past with the AIDS pandemic from my fellow members of the Montreal Gay Men’s Choir who lived through it. It’s important to know what our community went through, so that we can continue to fight for our rights to live and to love.”

Dale Hamilton

“I’m proud to be part of a community that is so resilient. As anti LGBTQ+ sentiment rises here and around the world, I find solace looking back at all the hard work queer people have done before me. Nothing makes me feel prouder than standing arm-in-arm with my queer siblings and taking to the streets.” 

Rachel Patenaude

“I just feel like we’ve come a long way with introducing more than one type of queer culture. I feel like we’re finally at a place where people understand that there’s more than just gay, bi, and lesbian. People see that there’s so many different aspects to being queer. And it’s not just about those three different boxes. To me, I’m super proud that people now can, like, celebrate it, and celebrate it with people that are not part of the queer community, and they’re more open to understanding all these different aspects to queer culture.” 

Clay Nussey

“What makes me proud is knowing that queer people have a rich history in community care. As a queer early childhood educator who works in harm reduction, that means a lot to me. I hope to carry on this legacy through my internal morals and external actions.” 

Valerie Hunt

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