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Women entrepreneurs inspire as they go above and beyond

March 8 is International Women’s Day: a time to celebrate the women in our lives and the achievements they have made. This year, Anika Schachtler, an interior designer based in the Valley, has decided to use her platform to highlight other exceptional women who run their own businesses across our region.


<br >Interior designer Anika Schachtler worked with the owner of the Boutique Fermière in Ormstown one of seven women owned businesses featured in Schachtlers blog in celebration of women entrepreneurs PHOTO Courtesy of Anika Schachtler

Schachtler started her business, Anika Schactler Design, five years ago. She offers both in-person interior design services and an online course. “I work a lot on century homes and bringing in character and personality,” she shares. As a young woman who runs her own business, she has been inspired by the many women of the Valley who have worked hard to build a business and a brand for themselves. To honour them, she has written a blog post on her website highlighting seven women who inspired her.

Each person was asked to share the moment they decided to ‘go for it,’ a piece of advice, and a favourite quote. “It’s a source of inspiration to see other women doing really awesome things,” Schachtler says. Owning her own business didn’t always seem accessible when she was growing up, and hearing others talk about their experiences makes things feel more possible. “I find that in the Valley it can be hard to see yourself doing something like starting your own business… I think hearing from locals, it really inspired me to start as well,” she adds. Her blog post is a way to share some of that wisdom.

The women featured are Summer Eastwood (La Taverne de la Ferme), Marie Shewchuk (Herdman General Store), Rebecca Amrein (Boutique Fermière), Sylvie Dumas (Enseignes Dumas), Sarah Beaupré (Au Beau Pré), Adele Brunet (B Brunet Monuments) and Hanna Rankin (The Potter’s Homestead).

Schachtler has had the chance to work with some of the women she has featured; she has done some design for Eastwood’s personal properties and did the design for La Boutique Fermière. Seeing them in action has shown her how a successful business can work: “I find them to be really impressive entrepreneurs. They aren’t competing with anyone; it’s their own standards.”

Celebrating International Women’s Day is also a way to see the progress made. “There was a time where women didn’t work [outside the home] and things have changed so much in a short amount of time… it’s a nice reminder that we have come so far and things have changed,” Schachtler says. Women have had to overcome a lot, and she says she believes this has made women-run spaces unique. “With women, it’s more meaningful the way they run their business. It’s definitely all about passion and adding value. They’re always focused on service. Women do that really well, and they’re really strong leaders,” she adds.

She encourages people to check out other women-run businesses this year. In a community like ours, it’s as easy as telling a friend about a place you like, to get the word out there. “Sharing other businesses on social media, that goes a long way. Mentioning businesses, referring; especially in small communities – word of mouth does a lot of good.”

International Women’s Day presents the perfect opportunity to read the blog at, and to check out one of the featured local businesses.

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