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Work forges ahead at Ormstown fairgrounds

The landscape is changing at the Ormstown fairgrounds as the dining hall building has been dismantled, and the ticket booth that has long stood by the stone gates has been relocated. Livestock Breeders Association (LBA) president Mark Anderson says as the dining hall was taken apart and building materials were salvaged, the team recovered “way more than we thought we could have,” and that the LBA plans to use as much of the repurposed material as they can in other projects. The ticket booth building was kept intact, and Anderson says there are plans to use that building elsewhere on the fairgrounds, though its specific use has yet to be determined.


On Thursday July 20 a crew dismantled the old dining hall at the Ormstown Fairgrounds Work on the new multi purpose centre that will stand in its place is set to begin following the construction holidays PHOTO Sue Morison


The construction of the new multi-purpose centre is scheduled to begin “after construction holidays,” Anderson says, and the lumber for the building is currently being cut by Elgin’s Heirloom Timber Frames. LBA general manager Sue Morison says several locals have come by the fairgrounds to see how the project is going, with their reaction to the progress being entirely positive. With this latest development, the project is just now becoming more visible, but Morison remarks that “There has been a lot of work to get to this point.”

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