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Bursaries offered by the UPA and Desjardins in support of sustainable agriculture

The Montérégie UPA Federation has joined forces with Desjardins to launch the Support and Recognition Program – Ferme AgrEAUenvironnementale. This new program aims to put in place efficient and sustainable means to encourage agricultural producers to carry out agri-environmental developments along the waterways to improve the quality of the water, biodiversity, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Over the next three years, a total amount of $450,000 will be invested by Desjardins through AgrEAUresponsables bursaries. Annually, 47 bursaries will be awarded to agricultural producers, totaling $56,000.

Two different categories of bursaries will be available each year and will be awarded to agricultural producers who set up sustainable developments of more than a quarter-hectare, which meet the objective of improving water quality and biodiversity.

“The Montérégie UPA Federation believes in the importance of enhancing the agri-environmental efforts of producers in its territory,” says president Jérémie Letellier. “We believe that our partnership with Desjardins will bring recognition and promotion to farmers who voluntarily cede part of their land to protect water quality and biodiversity for the benefit of future generations. I invite all farmers who have set up developments along their watercourses to submit their application now for 2021.”

In addition, each year two AgrEAUresponsables or Desjardins bursaries will be awarded to two agricultural businesses that have distinguished themselves either through an exceptional project or as an exceptional business.

“Desjardins is proud to contribute to the development of this large-scale project which will promote the influence of farmers who have the well-being of our community at heart,” says Yves Bisson, general manager of Caisse Desjardins Haut-Richelieu.

The call for applications is currently open. Farms wishing to integrate agri-environmental developments on their land over more than a quarter-hectare in the current year are invited to participate by applying online at the following address: Details about each bursary are available on the website. Deadline to apply is September 1, 2021. (RP)

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