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CISSSMO plants 45 trees and shrubs to mark Tree of Health Day

On September 22, the The Integrated Health and Social Services Center of Montérégie-Ouest (CISSSMO) celebrated the 14th edition of the Journée de l’Arbre de la Santé by planting 45 trees and shrubs on the grounds of its facilities.

The CISSSMO planted trees at seven locations, including the Anna-Laberge Hospital and the Barrie Memorial Hospital, as well as at the facilities most affected by the pandemic: CHSLD Laurent-Bergevin, CHSLD Ormstown, CHSLD Pierre-Rémi-Narbonne, the Chateauguay CLSC, and the Saint-Rémi CLSC. The varieties planted include serviceberries, catalpas, lindens, hydrangeas, maples, lilacs, elms, walnuts, oaks, and junipers. The goal is to provide more green spaces at the various facilities of the CISSS.


Barrie Memorial Hospital in Ormstown. PHOTO Provided


This initiative fulfills the commitment of the organization’s Committee on Sustainable Development and Environmental Health to promote and adopt innovative and environmentally friendly practices, which minimize negative impacts on the health of employees, patrons, and the population. “I would like to highlight this initiative, which fits perfectly with the health mission of the CISSS de la Montérégie-Ouest,” says Deputy CEO Patrick Murphy-Lavallée in a press release. “By planting trees, we demonstrate our commitment to fighting climate change while providing patrons and employees with green and healthy environments. Thank you to the Sustainable Development and Environmental Health Committee for planting these trees and shrubs.”

The project, which the organization plans to renew each year, took shape thanks to the Green Fund of the CISSMO, in collaboration with Synergie Santé Environnement, a partner for all projects in environmental health and sustainable development. The team also relied on advice from the Conseil Régional de l’Environnement de la Montérégie, as well as the Soverdi organization for the choice of tree and shrub species and their locations. (RP)


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