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Communic-Action Project celebrates 25 years of service

Rachel Patenaude

The 25th anniversary of the Communic-Action Project was celebrated this past Friday, October 1, with a lunch at the Barberivain Cultural Center in Sainte-Barbe. There to commemorate the organization’s 25 years of hard work were members of the board of directors, MP Claude DeBellefeuille, MNA Claire IsaBelle, and some community members.

Since its founding in 1996, the Communic-Action Project has been providing services for seniors in the Haut-Saint-Laurent who live at home and have limited autonomy. Some of these services include helping with errands, transportation to activities, minor repairs, accompaniment on walks, and organizing activities for its community of seniors.


Claire IsaBelle and Claude DeBellefeuille presenting certificates to retired director, Francoise Mainville, at the Communic-Action Project’s 25th anniversary lunch. PHOTO Rachel Patenaude


The celebratory lunch was preceded by a speech by the director of Communic-Action, Lynn McWhinnie. The president of the board of directors, Gisèle Hébert, then gave a speech honouring the team of founders, and presented flowers to recently retired director Francoise Mainville. “Those who formed Communic-Action Project 25 years ago were visionaries in caring for the loneliness of seniors,” said Hébert in her speech.

Afterwards, both DeBellefeuille and IsaBelle gave Mainville honourary certificates for her 20 years of hard work at the helm of Communic-Action Project. “It’s always moving to have witnessed the forming of an organization, and then see all the work they’ve done over 25 years,” said DeBellefeuille in her speech. IsaBelle also highlighted the importance of Communic-Action’s work during the pandemic, when the isolation faced by seniors was much more extreme.

Communic-Action now has 94 beneficiaries, with 65 volunteers running its programs. While the pandemic forced the group to change its approach, it also demonstrated how important the work is, and they hope to be around, doing this work, for another 25 years.


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