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Concern over proposed asphalt plant on Covey Hill

Plans to build an asphalt plant on Covey Hill Road in Havelock are raising concerns among many area citizens.

According to information currently available, the project is being put forward by the Groupe Chenail company, which was acquired by Eurovia Québec in 2018. The new factory will be located near the Carrières Ducharme stone quarry.

Locals are worried the construction of an asphalt factory could generate increased heavy truck traffic in the area, which is known for its picturesque qualities. Concerns over an increase in pollution, dust, odours and noxious fumes have also been raised by a citizens group now going by the name “Les citoyens pour la défense de Covey Hill.” The group feels the project will jeopardize the aquifer system in a region with an agricultural tradition that relies in part on this resource and will negatively affect neighbouring communities as well.

It appears the project has obtained the necessary authorization. An electrical supply system as well as new machinery and equipment are now visible near the site.

Electrical equipment has been installed near the site of a possible asphalt plant on Covey Hill Road in Havelock. (PHOTO provided)

Citizens are frustrated that no information was made public regarding this project. A number of citizens are planning to gather at the Havelock Town Hall on Monday, July 5, just before 7:30 p.m. to protest the implementation of the asphalt plant. The group is hoping to be able to obtain more information from elected officials who will be meeting for the regular municipal council meeting.

A website launched by the citoyens pour la défense de Covey Hill group demands that citizens be shown the authorization letters from the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment, and Fight Against Climate Change and the Commission de protection du territoire Agricole du Québec (CPTAQ), as well as a copy of the environmental impact assessment for the project.

The main environmental concerns are also described by the group online at

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Jacqueline Hébert 2021-07-07 at 20:47

The fact that it will be a nuisance to residents for 25 miles around is not the most egregious of the factors involved. Much more serious will be the effect on the quality of our ground water, which is the water supply for everyone who does not reside in an urban environment. This is to say nothing of the effect on the air quality between the production equipment. Think of the increased traffic with the addition of how many trucks spewing out noxious fumes. Is it not enough that we have about 60 semi-trailers go through on Route 202? Just when we are attempting to save the environment, it is hard to comprehend why our leaders are being seduced to approve such a project. Surely it cannot be as simple as the fact that they may have lost their minds. The nature and details of their seduction deserve to be understood. The good citizens of the area are not so simple as to miss the fact that there may be (in the words of Shakespeare): “something that stinks in the state of…….” Let us consider the price we pay for this and use it as an opportunity to explore more environmentally sensitive ways to produce the desired results whatever that may be. We live in a lush beautiful and thriving area. Why not turn it into an attraction instead of contributing to its destruction simply to benefit a small number of interested people. Our politicians are supposed to represent us and our best interests. This is all backwards. Do people not speak up for fear of reprisal? Come on! We don’t live in a totalitarian state – at least not yet. When people abuse their power it is because we let them. As for me, I could not forgive myself if this comes to pass and I simply shrugged my shoulders and thought: What can I do about this anyway? Surely no more than a dozen people want this. They will certainly be outnumbered if everyone gets behind their convictions.

Melodie Barriere 2021-07-05 at 14:54

Please contact me
I personaly delivered a petition of 343 signatures conserning a bylaw of fire . They did not even blink or have enough respect for there citizens to come foward and talk about any change possible
Same problems, hiding things from citizens, refusing to let us assist to any meetings .

PIERRE MONTREUIL 2021-07-09 at 19:21

I, Pierre Montreuil, totaly agree with you! Come to the meeting Monday July 12 at 7 at the Livingston Brewry!


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