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In the September 22, 2021 edition, in an article entitled Valley meal providers navigate the pandemic we printed that Popote Mobile was forced to close due to the pandemic. It was actually Meals on Wheels Huntingdon that was forced to close, and it has not re-opened. Popote Mobile, which is not affiliated with the former Meals on Wheels Huntingdon, is a new entity and is in operation as of September 2021.

A few small clarifications are also necessary with regard to the article entitled Holding fast to our agricultural and architectural heritage, which appeared in the September 22 edition of the farm supplement. Steel beams were used to elevate the century-old barn so a foundation could be poured but these did not become part of the structure. The white pine planks that were used to replace the exterior boards on the barn were from the property of Wally Daniel in Havelock. Finally, it was reported in the article that two large entryways were cut on both sides of the building when in fact it was two small star-shaped patterns located at the peak of the gable ends that were recreated by Daniel to match the original openings.

The Gleaner regrets these errors and any confusion they might have caused.

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