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From the Gleaner Archives March 9, 2022

150 years ago
Thursday, March 14, 1872
10,000 grafted apple trees
Of the most approved varieties, three to five years old, five to seven feet high, ready for spring planting, at Whyte’s nursery, Bogtown, Lacolle, about five miles east of Scriver’s Corners. I refer to Merrit Gordon, Rev. Mr. Fulton and Col. Rodgers, Franklin; Mr. Brims and Mr. McFarlane, Elgin; Mr. Charles McFee, St Jean Chrysostome; and James McCourt, Havelock, as parties who have purchased from me. Price 20 to 25 cents per tree, according to size. Undersigned, J. Whyte, Hallerton, QC.

125 years ago
March 11, 1897
Prohibition seems to have fled this parish, for last week, at a meeting of local council, the five hotelkeepers were promised their licences for another year, [with] the price of their certificates to be fixed next session of the council. The valuation roll was looked over to see if the names of all entitled to vote were entered, and the secretary is to make the alphabetical list according to the roll. It would be wise for every voter to see that his name is on the list before the end of the month.

100 years ago
March 16, 1922
On Friday evening, March 10, a four-act play was staged, entitled The Old Oaken Bucket. It was given under the auspices of the Women’s Institute of Dundee. The parts were very ably taken by a cast of fourteen characters. Pleasing entertainment was furnished between acts and after the play the ladies of the Institute served ice cream and cake. The receipts of the evening were 96 dollars, which sum is to be added to the funds for a Community Hall.

75 years ago
Wednesday, March 12, 1947
Trailer has all the comforts of home for travel by road
In the past week’s issue of The Gleaner, an announcement was made by the Empire Garage Reg’d. of a new type of trailer for comfort travelling to any place that one may desire to go. Truly a home on wheels, the trailer comprises three rooms furnished for use, even the curtains on the windows. The kitchen is arranged in the centre of the trailer because it carries most of the weight and is directly over the wheels. When the trailer is hitched to the car, a special electric attachment controls the brakes of the trailer wheels, which operates from the steering wheel of the car. Such a vehicle could be used for a summer cottage at the lake, summer resort, or beach, or on a hunting trip and whatnot. Everything that is required can be placed in the trailer and it is only necessary to hitch up to move the whole thing to another point. The cost is not great when the service it can give is considered: the amount saved in hotel accommodation, meals, etc. In the course of time, the savings obtained could easily cover the initial outlay.

50 years ago
Wednesday, March 15, 1972
Churches combine
The second Lenten Ecumenical meeting in Hemmingford was held on Sunday evening in Saint-Romain’s Parish Hall. The members of the choirs of four local churches provided the music and, while there was not quite such a large attendance, nevertheless the singing was as enjoyable and as enthusiastic as previously heard. All the songs were printed on sheets and everyone in the audience was provided with a song sheet and joined lustily in the singing, both in French and English. This coming Sunday the meeting will be held in the Presbyterian Hall and a young group from Chateauguay, The Takers, will provide the major part of the programme.

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