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MNA IsaBelle opens satellite office in Saint-Chrysostome

On Saturday, July 17, Huntingdon MNA Claire IsaBelle opened a new satellite office at the Municipal Cultural Center of Saint-Chrysostome. The event was attended by the mayor of Saint-Chrysostome, Gilles Dagenais, as well as some municipal management, councillors, and members of IsaBelle’s team.

IsaBelle has been changing the location of her satellite offices every year in order to remain accessible to all communities and to be present throughout the riding. Her other office for the year is in Napierville. “We invite you to come and see us, whether it is for a specific reason or to come and say hello,” she says.

From left, Kathleen Laplante, former president of La Fabrique; Claire IsaBelle, Huntingdon MNA; Gilles Dagenais, mayor of Saint-Chrysostome. PHOTOS Courtesy of the office of Claire IsaBelle


IsaBelle receives annual funds to put toward renting the spaces where she sets up satellite offices; however, she encourages the host municipalities to donate that money to a community organization. “We are pleased to welcome Deputy IsaBelle and her team to our home at City Hall,” says Mayor Dagenais. “The members of my council, as well as myself, wish to help La Fabrique de la paroisse, which is why the sum of the rent will be donated to them.”

“On behalf of the Board of La Fabrique, I would like to thank Deputy IsaBelle for opening a satellite office with us in Saint-Chrysostome and I also thank the mayor and his team for choosing La Fabrique. With the difficult year that we have just experienced, this financial assistance is very much appreciated “says Kathleen Laplante, former president of La Fabrique.

Although the Saint-Chrysostome office has been officially set up since last year, it has only recently opened its doors to the public. It will be open every Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is advised to make an appointment; community members can do so at a toll-free number, 1 866 540-9097. IsaBelle’s main office in Sainte-Martine is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (RP)

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