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Municipal employees renew contract in Saint-Anicet

The municipality of Saint-Anicet and member employees of local 3803 of the Syndicat canadien de la fonction publique (Canadian Union of Public Employees) have signed a new five-year collective agreement retroactive to January 1, 2021, that will end on December 31, 2025.

Negotiations began last February and were conducted in a respectful manner, which allowed for the continuation of a strong working relationship which was essential for both parties.


Those present for the signing of the collective agreement in Saint-Anicet include, from left: councillor Heather L’Heureux, director general Denis Lévesque, mayor Gino Moretti, councillor Ginette Caza, councillor Sylvie Tourangeau, section president André Leblanc, SCFP consultant Carole Bouchard, and section vice-president Annie Carrière. PHOTO Courtesy of the Municipality of Saint-Anicet


The official signing of the new agreement took place on May 17, in the presence of André Leblanc, the president of the local section, as well as representatives from the municipality and municipal council including mayor Gino Moretti.

“We are satisfied with the conclusion of negotiations between ourselves and the municipality. I thank the negotiation committee for the quality of the discussions and willingness to listen,” says Leblanc.
The agreement includes a salary increase of 11.75 per cent over five years, which represents an average annual increase of 2.35 per cent, as well as increased contributions from both the employer and employees to the pension fund.

“I am happy to have concluded this new collective agreement,” says Moretti, noting the important collaboration between the two parties has allowed for a win-win solution. (SR)



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