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No injuries following traffic accident involving school bus

An accident involving a car and a school bus occurred in Ormstown on September 7. No one was injured. (PHOTO Christopher Pennington)

Sarah Rennie

It was a slow commute home through Ormstown on Tuesday afternoon as traffic was backed up on Highway 138 in Ormstown following an accident involving a car and school bus.

According to Valérie Beauchamp, a spokesperson for the Sûreté du Québec, the driver of the car cut off a school bus around 3:45 p.m. at the intersection of both Roy Street and the Chemin de la Rivière aux Outardes. The school bus driver maneuvered to avoid a collision but was unable to come to a complete stop in time.

Bus 311 was travelling from Franklin Elementary School on route for Chateauguay Valley Regional High School with only one student on board when the accident occurred. The student, a young girl, was to have transferred busses at CVR. She was instead taken to the nearby Barrie Memorial Hospital as a precaution. She was released later in the day with no injuries and returned to school Wednesday morning.

Neither the bus driver nor the driver of the car were injured. The rear wheels of the school bus were damaged, and another bus was called in as a replacement for the afternoon route.

According to Beauchamp, the 87-year-old driver of the car will be required to undergo an assessment of their driving capacity.

The news that no one was injured in the accident came as a relief to Rob Buttars, the director general of the New Frontiers School Board. He says it is especially important that drivers remember that school busses will be on the roads for another 180 school days. “They make frequent stops and are carrying very precious cargo,” he says, suggesting this incident should serve as a poignant reminder to everyone to be extra vigilant when driving near busses.

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