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Sollio & Uniag Cooperative Agriculture: Renowned Dundee dairy farm hosts open house 

More than 300 dairy production enthusiasts travelled to Sainte-Agnès-de-Dundee on March 25 to discover the secrets of the Lareleve herd, which has been recognized by Lactanet as the most productive in Canada. 

With a herd producing close to two kilograms of milk fat per cow, the father and son team of Justin and Benjamin Nieuwenhof, co-owners of Nieuwenhof and Associates Inc., had been receiving numerous requests for farm visits. Together with the Sollio & Uniag Agriculture cooperative, the open house activity was organized. Producers from across the country responded in large numbers, with some arriving from as far away as Northwest Quebec’s Abitibi-Témiscamingue and Guelph, Ontario to tour the renowned farm. 


Visitors to the Nieuwenhof and Associates Inc dairy farm in Sainte Agnès de Dundee were able to tour the farm during an open house on March 25 The Lareleve dairy herd is one of the most productive in the country PHOTOS Sollio Uniag Cooperative Agriculture

In a 30-minute speech, Benjamin Nieuwenhof explained some of the elements that make his farm so successful. “It is important to share our knowledge so that each farm can reach its full potential,” he said. Each open house participant was provided with a pamphlet showing technical information on the herd’s feeding, forage rotation cycles, and farm statistics.

Several workshops took place during the day, and visitors were able to ask questions about ventilation – an important factor in dairy housing – on-site at an information booth featuring Agrizone products on display. Farm Credit Canada was also present for the event. 

Guests were also able to see the exceptional cow Lareleve Redesign Seven EX-94 6E 9*, a finalist for the coveted Holstein Canada Cow of the Year 2021 award. In a video explaining why “Seven” should be crowned top cow, Nieuwenhof explains that she is deserving of the honour because of how “complete” she is. He goes on to explain that she “has a lifetime production of over 170,000 kgs of milk, 12,800 kgs of fat and protein, equivalent to more than $130,000 in milk revenue.”

The winner of Cow of the Year 2021 will be announced on April 23, during Holstein Canada’s annual general meeting. 

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