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Chateauguay Valley weather report June 1-8, 2024

June started with some heat and much-needed moisture after a dry May, but that sentiment would not be shared by those at Desjardins Expo Ormstown.

There were 32 millimetres of rain during the week, with the largest amount (20 mm) descending before, during, and after the fair’s opening parade. There were numerous squalls across the Valley, and localized hail was reported.

The average temperature for the month so far is 20.4 degrees Celsius; normal for the entire month is 18.6 C. The warmer-than-usual average came from a min-heat wave during the first week of June, when the daytime high exceeded 30 C for three consecutive days and got close for another two days.

The warmth is reflected in the corn heat unit (CHU) count which accumulated 190 CHU in the first days of June. Normal for the entire month is 655 CHU, so the count is well advanced and numerous fields of corn are more than a foot high or even knee-high – exceptional for this time of year. Total CHU for the season starting on May 19 is now 479 CHU; those who got some corn in the ground earlier can add on another 100 CHU or so.

The remainder of June is forecast to be closer to normal, with numerous days below average for temperature but with more sunshine than cloud and rain for the balance of the month.

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